Mobile Carousel with smaller first item 

I am trying to build a carrousel in mobile that has a smaller and diferent first item (10 columns), followed by a record list where ecah item occupies the total screen width. This will tell the user that he can swipe left to see additional items.

I tried two approaches without success:

1) Put the first item inside the carousel and outside the record list. It works but I cannot slide to the last item of the carrousel

2) I put an if inside the record list but I cannot make the first item with only 10 colums and show the begining of the second item. I get a 2 column blank space on the right of the screen

Do you have any suggestion on how to build this?

Best regards,


Hi Rui,

You can apply conditional styles to the container which has the image. Please check if that meets your requirement. I have attached a sample OML - mobile app with carousel. Thanks, KJ