Onchange Event - Preparation

Hi all

I have a movies screen with a search title text box and a combo box with onchange event.I have added a screen action on the onchange event.The aggregate to get movies has a filter condition with the search title. My assumption was after trigger the onchange event , the page submits ,the preparation runs, the getMovies aggregate with the filter condition runs. But I couldnt see any output. Can you please help what am I missing here to understand.Does the preparation runs after an Onchange event ?

Also my onChange screen action has an end node only , so it should have the values retained on the screen.




I'm expecting that you are creating a Traditional App. The OnChange is an Ajax Submit, and it won't rerun the preperation. Perhaps you want to refresh the aggregate in the OnChange action and after that refresh the 'div'-container which encapsulated the table. 

If not, please share your screen or the OML.

KR Hans


Hi Induja,

You don't need to submit.

If you're in Traditional Web, link the OnChange to a Screen Action. There you refresh the query (filtering by the search title) and AJAX refresh the table / list or container involving the movies table / list.

If you're in Reactive / Mobile, link the OnChange to a Screen Client Action. There you just refresh the query.

Hope it helps.

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João Marques

Yes , I am doing it in a Traditional web app .Thank you for your inputs , what I was missing is OnChange is Ajax Enabled widget , so preparation doesnt run . I would have to refresh the query with the filter and Ajax refresh the table widget.

Thanks a lot