DataGrid passing data together with REST API


Business context

Screen A:

- List of customers

Screen B

- Context of the customer (customerID)

- Save button

- Set of data (of the selected on screen A customer) in DataGrid


1. How to pass to data base customerID together with REST set of data from the DataGrid

2. How to retrieve from data base set of data to the DataGrid based on customerID selected on screen A



Hi Tom,

As I understand it, the Data Grid needs a REST API to retrieve the data and to store the data back. Did you check the documentation?


Right. I checked documentation.

However my question is how to save and retrieve date from/to DataGrid (via REST API) in the context of external parameter (CustomerId) not included in GridGroupHeader

best regards,



I'm not sure whether this is the advised method, but you could add a parameter to the function returning the URL (and add it to the URL as part of the path or as a search parameter)?


I tried to find other ways. So far, your proposal seems to be the most correct.

Thank You Kilian !

Most welcome! Happy coding :).