Firebase for sending OTP SMS and chats

Hi All,

We want to use Firebase for sending OTP SMS and for chats in our Application.

Kindly, let me know the best supported plugin we can use to achieve the above on Outsystems. 

And if there is any documents to be followed ...

Thank you in advance.

Waheed Habib

Hi Waheed,

You can use the this Forge component:

The documentation tab should get you going.



Hi Vincent,

Thank you I checked it , it supports chat but nothing mentioned about SMS ... does it support SMS or not.

Thank you,

Waheed Habib


If I understood you correctly you want to send an SMS instead of a regular notification/toast message. As far as I know Firebase doesn't do SMS at all except for user enrollment. Check this stackoverflow for example:

If you want to send SMS there are several Forge components that can assist you with doing so:

Hope this helps,