Add columns to editable table programmatically

Dear developers, 

i am currently developing a traditional web app with an editable table inside. 

It should be possible to add new columns or delete old ones which are not necessary anymore.

First idea is to add a new button and add the new column in the database and refresh the table in the app.

Do you know a different way or should I try this one?

Cheers and thank you very much

But you want to do it WITHOUT publishing the app ?!

Maria da Graça Peixoto wrote:

But you want to do it WITHOUT publishing the app ?!

 Correct, adding to runtime.


Hi Marco,

Do you want to dynamically alter the table definitions for your application? If so I do not think that is viable and please refer to this thread for some more information -

How were you going to approach adding the new column exactly, and what have you tried? Did you try the new button method that you mentioned? Perhaps if you show what you have tried then it can become clearer as to what you need to achieve and what has worked or not.

Otherwise, have you had a look at DataTables? Perhaps that can work for you, because you should be able to alter the JSON schema on the fly with some added effort unfortunately.


Hey guys, 

sorry for the late answer. The answer is that is it not possible to add columns when the data is stored inside the OutSystems app because when deleting some columns the metadata will be crashed. 

It's recommended to use a SQL database for this and then we can use the DDL (Data Definition Language)

Thanks for your help and ideas