Can we give open restriction for Lifetime Plugin?

Now, I develop a new LifetTme Plugin and  I'd like some IT users not to open the new Lifetime Plugin.

I know, in normal applications, we can control accesses by end-user role. 

But I don't know how to control accesses in Lifetime Plugin because LifeTime Plugins are used IT users instead of end-users.

So, Please tell me how to give open restriction for LifeTime plugin.

Hi Yusuke,

I did build a LifeTime api before, but not implementing restrictions on who could use thrm.

Have a look at this LifeTime API:

It has several methods to get all IT user permissions or application permissions of an IT user in a specific environment. A lifetime Plugin is just an OutSystems application in the LT environment, so I would believe the API is applicable.



Hi Daniel, 

I didn't know such API. I refer the link you sent and try it.

I appreciate your kindness!