How to use a Web Part?

Hello -

I was wondering if it is possible to use a third-party or custom-built ASP.NET WebPart with Agile Platform? If so, can someone point me to some documentation on the subject?



No, currently that isn't possible. Is there any specific custom widget that you miss in the Platform that exists as a ASP.NET WebPart?

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Gustavo Guerra
I didn't think it was, thanks! There is this advanced calendaring/schedule component that a potential client feels does a very good job. It lets you populate it with various resources and look for conflicts and what not:

One day, Agile Platform needs to get a custom widget system much like the Integration Studio does for offscreen code, I think. But I recognize that it would be an astoundingly huge undertaking to get custom widgets to "play nice" with the rest of the system (would probably all need to inherit from a specialized base class) and require a bit of experience/skill to have them be a seamless experience. I don't see off-the-shelf Web Parts "just working" but at the same time, folks are going to want to be able to shoehorn Web Parts or write a wrapper around them for circumstances like this.

Hi Justin,

If what you need is a calendaring / resource occupation widget, check out the PlanGrid component available in the downloads section.(

We have put it to to very good use and It's very well implemented and highly customizable.

Thanks Milton! This looks like it will do what we need.