Searching for "ruby on rails"

Searching for "ruby on rails"

Can I use outsystems to program in Ruby on rails?
Hi Runy,

The OutSystems Agile Platform is a unified solution for the delivery and management of Web Business Applications. This means that our platform will easily give you the ability to develop and adapt Web Applications in a visual environment and provide you with the tools to manage your application infrastructure. As a first approach to understanding what the OutSystems Agile Platform is, see the Agile Platform Tour.

With the OutSystems Agile Platform you model applications in a visual environment that are then deployed in an Web Server with where the OutSystems Agile Platform is installed. This deployment automatically generates Web Applications that can be either ASP.Net or Java working over SQL Server or ORACLE databases.

There no option to deploy Ruby on Rails applications, nevertheless OutSystems applications are standard web applications, meaning that you can embed or integrate them in existing websites or web applications using common integration techniques (IFRAMES, web services, database, etc.). In fact, the OutSystems Agile Platform has great automated integration capabilities - Consuming or Exposing Web Services, Accessing external Databases, SAP Integration or even fully custom integrations implemented with custom code.

Kind Regards,

Daniel Lourenço