[Advanced excel]The format of the input string is incorrect error

Hello outsystems team

I am facing with some problem using advanced excel so let me ask some questions.

Especially the number format of excel sheet and the data type in my entity.

let me explain my problem.

I have an excel sheet with specific format (percentage format etc.)want  to download.

The decimal data and integer data are exist in my entity.How can I export the data using the excel sheet with specific format.

I used workbook_open and cell_write action from advanced excel.

*I cell_write action I do not specify cell_type and cell_format yet.*


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Hi May Zin,

First some house keeping, there is no such thing as "outsystems team", it is the OutSystems community that helps you, it could be staff from OutSystems, but most often it is just someone else also developing using OutSystems that tries to help a fellow OutSystems developer.

Second, if you have a question or a problem with a specific Forge component, the preferred way to ask help is on the Forge components support page. Your post is still visible on the forum, but with the extra benefit that a notification is sent to the team that owns the component.

Then finally my reply to the question you have.

Did you also download and install the sample application on how to use the Advanced Excel extension?

It contains also an example on how to format and write cells.

You can try out the demo app here: https://hannojs.outsystemscloud.com/AdvancedExcelDemo/Home.aspx

Or download it from the Advanced Excel Forge component page:

Then you can inspect the code from the Demo on how to format and write cells.