[Advanced Excel] [Advanced excel]The format of the input string is incorrect error
Forge component by Carlos Freitas
Published on 27 Aug 2019

Hello everyone

I am facing with some problem using advanced excel so let me ask some questions.

Especially the number format of excel sheet and the data type in my entity.

let me explain my problem.

I have an excel sheet with specific format (percentage format etc.)want  to download.

The decimal data and integer data are exist in my entity.How can I export the data using the excel sheet with specific format.

I used workbook_open and cell_write action from advanced excel.

*I cell_write action I do not specify cell_type and cell_format yet.*


I did not fully understand the question. 

You have an excel sheet (could you share a pic of the file? At least the columns, would help), and you want to import the file to the system, and then be able to export it. Is that it?

Hi May Zin Linn

Are you having difficulty in converting and exporting a decimal/integer value from your static entity into a percentage value into Excel workbook?