I am developing a mobile app, I would like to know how to test buttons on the app if they are really working properly, I used debugging but not working

Hi Abdellah,

It seems that your module is not published yet. 

You should fix the 4 errors Service Studio is showing first and hit the 1-click-publish button. After successfully publishing your module, you should be able to start your debug session.




You can either test your mobile app using a browser (first option of the debug mode - Emulate using Chrome) or using a real mobile device (second option for an Android device and third option for an iOS device).

If you select the first option, then it will open a page and your application will run in there, moving to the splash screen and so on. You need to have Chrome installed to use this way of debugging. Please be aware that some of the functionalities may not work in the browser (for example, the usage of plugins).

If you select the second or third options, you need to have a real device with the APK (Android) or IPA (iOS) connected to your PC (using USB) and follow the instructions presented to you by Service Studio. For example, for Android you need to activate your device's debugging capability and for iOS you need to install iTunes.

In order to debug, you need to publish your module. It seems that you're trying to debug a module without publishing it. Please make sure that you fix your errors, deploy the module and try again.

Hope that this helps you.

Kind regards,

Rui Barradas