Working selecting on the back-end in an aggregate in the preparation it doesn't show

Hi, I created some advanced selections based on the authentication: depending what user is logged in: an admin will see everything, a logged in user will see only a certain selection of items. I've put this in the prepartion of the page. The page shows a list and a search field.The admin-part works fine (shows all items in the list on the page), the normal-user-part (which has to show a limited selection of items in the list on the page) doesn't.

It works in the aggregate (when i test it with a test-value) but it doesn't display, the value's are not passed to the front-end, the list.
I would appreciate your help and goed advice because i can't find it (the reason why/the error).
Below some screenshots to clearify the case/situation:

When i test it:

The data will not go to the widget . . . you can see it's  there in the var, but not in the list-widget on the page . . . and i don't know/understand why, i can't fix it.

I need some help with this one. Can't find it on my own.

Hi Dev,

Are you using the same widget for both aggregates? Is aggregate 1 the one that is bound to the widget?

If yes you will have to assign aggregate 2 output to the aggregate 1 list for the right flow. Either that or use 2 separate widgets and use an if-else widget to display them conditionally.

Yes, i do use the same widget for both the aggregates but in the if's there is: if it's an admin go to the left aggregate, if it's an ordinairy user they go to load the right aggregate, never will both the aggregates be in use simultanously.

Each list widget can only be bound to 1 aggregate, and in this case it's GetProjects, even though it is not in use in this flow, OS keeps it as an empty list in memory.

What you need to do is after your GetProjectsForThisUser, assign GetProjects.List = GetProjectsForThisUser.List. This will allow GetProjectsForThisUser to appear in the widget in place of GetProjects.