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Published on 2010-08-14 by Paulo Ramos
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Published on 2010-08-14 by Paulo Ramos
Upgraded to 4.2 on request. This is rather old now, so feel free to look at newer options, like the jQuery Calendar, here:
http://www.outsystems.com/NetworkSolutions/ProjectDetail.aspx?ProjectId=140 (agile network)
or the DayPilot Scheduler:
Great component! For some reason, web.css wasn't coming up for me, causing all sorts of problems. I looked at the sample online and extracted the necessary contents, attached to this message. Copy/paste into your eSpace's stylesheet/theme. Of note, this resolves the issue with the word "undefined" appearing above the resources column.

One additional item I noticed: if you make the form field for receiving drag/drop text hidden with a CSS class (the "Style" property) then it will not work in Chrome (but it will work in IE and Firefox). However, if you go to "Extended Properties", and set the "Style" extended property to "display: none" it works fine in Chrome.

I found another quirk: updating the data needs an Submit, not an Ajax method. If you want to do something like an On Change item to alter the scheduler, have it call Widget_Click on a hidden button with type Submit to call the real update logic.

Thanks for sharing Paulo,

We've created a full planning application with PlanGrid. One issue, when using a lot of columns (>30?) and rows (>30?) <= IE8 performs very bad. I dont know why but IE9 and other browsers like Chrome and Firefox are very fast.
Hi Kees,

If you don't need drag & drop, you can disable it (there's a switch for it). It will probably increase the performance in IE.

Thanks for your reply, disabling D&D was not an option so i found another solution. On the older PC's (with IE8) I've installed 'Google Chrome Frame' and now i works like a charm. You should know, the performance problems started at > 2000 slots, 3 grids and > 250 appointments :-)

Another issue i found: when you create an appointment starting (lets say) week 3 Wednesday 11:00 am and ending at week 6 Monday 3:00 pm, the second Wednesday should be completely filled but, like the start-day, it starts at 11:00 am. I've fixed it by changing this code to the FillSchedules function:


      if (h == item.unitStart && s < startSlot) slotSet = false;  // Didn't reached startSlot yet



      if (h == item.unitStart && s < startSlot && !startsBeforeScope) slotSet = false;  // Didn't reached startSlot yet

But overall, thanks again for sharing.

Thanks for your remarks! :)
If you can provide me the eSpace, I will update the published version in the Components.

Is it possible to show the plan in month instead of week?

Best Regards
Frederico Fernandes
In short, no. :)

You may want to investigate other options, such as:

These seem to support a monthly view - you would just have to build a wrapper encapsulating the component.
Hi Frederico,

Maybe jQuery Month Calendar does what you are looking for.


Any chance that this component can be upgraded to the Outsystems 9 platform?

I tried to upgrade it, but get the message it must first be openen in a version 8 or lower. I do not have access to an environment with that version.

Andre -

Try opening it in version 8 of Service Studio, saving it as a local file, and then opening the saved file in version 9 of Service Studio. I don't think you actually need to publish it at all to complete the process.


Hey Paulo,

Any plans to upgrade to OutSystems 10?



Hi Alexandra,

Not really, as this is rather old and there are much better options nowadays. I'd try one of the options above or finding some nice CSS/JS based widget.

As an example, check out this resource on how to integrate a jQuery plugin in OutSystems:
Integrating a jQuery Plugin