How do I Link my QR Code to outsystem?

Hi Community,

I am task to create a QR Code on any free website contain: a link to a website and a location. 

There are multiple locations and one QR code represent one location (B4 etc.)

Users will scan the QR code using their mobile phone and it will direct them to the website and the location in the form will be filled in. 

I was given the below comment. But I don't really understand it? (I am working on a traditional web)


I don't know if I realized your doubt, because for me it was a little confusing, but you have components in the forge that will generate you QRcodes. And you can pass the URL you want as a parameter, and a QR code is generated.

Here you can find some examples:

If you need more help, or if can you explain with more detail what's your use case...