Greetings everyone. I would like to know how is the work routine of outsystem developers at this time of pandemic. Grateful for the attention .

Lucas Santos.


Hi Lucas

Due to COVID, alot of companies are going digital - whether that means building a new web or mobile application, improving existing applications or even revamping their websites. I think this global move has greatly benefited OutSystems and its community since OutSystems enables you to go digital very rapidly.

In Australia, which where I'm based, OutSystems opportunities (the majority being work from home) are on the rise more than ever before, and I'm sure this is true worldwide. 



Hi Lucas,

Outsystems is not just making the companies and business to move faster in their digital transformation but also helping the developers to learn and build a great carrier with Outsystems.

Its an easy to learn platform and have a great open market for the developers . Even in the pandemic time there are so many opportunity for developers with option like remote working.

I would welcome you in the world of Outsystems ..join the community . learn and grow ..

Happy (Low)  Coding ..



Grateful for the quick response. I also think that it benefited the Outsystems community in some way, allowing for some new standards due to this delicated moment we 're living. I'm still looking for OutSystems opportunities that I can work from home.

Lucas Santos

Are you learning Outsystems or you already know ? 

where are you based of ?

Send me a PM if you want to talk more about the opportunity!