Workflow and Experience builder with database catalogs.

Installed both Experience builder and Workflow builder today to start testing and ran across a potential issue and wanted to see if anyone else has run into it and if there is a workaround for Workflow builder. 


When publishing either an experience builder app or Workflow builder app in an infrastructure that uses database catalogs the publish does not give you the option to select a catalog and fails. Service center and LifeTime do not appear to see the deployment and give you the opportunity to specify catalog like a normal publish.

Experience builder workaround: 

Once the deployment fails you are given the option to download the .oap and manually publish and select the catalog to deploy to, once this publish succeeds you can return to Experience builder it will still show a failed state and you can perform another publish from there and everything from then on works as intended. 

There does not appear to be a workaround for Workflow builder that I can find. The publish still fails but you are not given an option to download the application and perform a manual deployment.

 Has anyone else run into this and ideally have a workaround? 

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Hi Robert

I already reported yesterday that publishing in WFB fails (at one of our customers, it fails continuously).

When I get answer will post it here.



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Thank you Daniël. 

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Hi Robert,

I'm the Product Manager for Experience Builder. Let me seize the opportunity to ask you if that workaround is good enough for your needs?

It was something that we have only came across in a single customer throughout our Early Access Program.

Thanks in advance 

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Hi Robert,

Experience Builder main personas are actually Team Leads and Developers that traditionally have extensive knowledge around Service Center. However our secondary personas are UX Designers or SMEs so your feedback is very valuable and will be taken into consideration.

Thank you for your feedback and keep it coming!