Linking IDs from database to Local storage

Hello. I am trying to link my Signature to a specific record. The record is in Summary Entity in Local Storage whereas my Signature entity is in Database. When i try to put my identifier as the Summary identifier, it says cannot be used as it will establish a connection between local storage and database. Consider doing it the other way. How do i link my Signature to the correct ID? Currently whenever i sign, it only shows the 1st record.

Hello Louis,

You have to create a local entity Signature and then refer it in your local entity Summary. For availability of data in your local DB of Signature, you have to go through the concepts of Local Data Storage and  Data Synchronization.

You should not link a Local DB Entity with the server DB Entity as it will affect the working of your application when it will work in Offline State.


Nikhil Purohit 

Hi Louis,

Obviously it is not a good idea to have any relationship between local storage and server side database. Like Nikhil suggested you need to implement some synchronization logic in your application to get required data from server database to local storage entities. In order to link your signature with a record in local storage, you can keep them in separate entities as on server database and establish same relationship between the two, OR you can also have both in the same local storage entity and pull the server data to local storage accordingly.

Hope this helps!