Migrate Mobile App to Reactive App

Good morning!

I want to migrate an already done mobile app  to reactive. When I create the reactive app and copy the mobile app function, it's not allowed to me because of local storage. 

I need that this mobile app can be used in a browser, but I suppose that this migration is hard to do, right? Is there some way to do this easier than pass every function one by one and modify them?

I've read about PWA, Is it a good way to do that? Is it stable?

Thanks a lot :)


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Hi Alba,

Unfortunately there is no straightforward way to migrate a native mobile application to a reactive application, especially if there is native functionality and/or local storage requirements evolved.

As for PWAs, we've been using them for the past couple of months with no issues at all however mileage will vary if native mobile functionality is required. Also note that by default, PWA mobile app layouts are not optimized for desktop use and so you would need style your application for that scenario.