[Reactive] Set selected item with data from DB in DropdownSelect


I do have an OrderDetail reactive screen with a DropDownSearch UI Pattern.
Now this DropDown is showing the list off all Companies to allow the user to select a company for a specific order. This works fine.

But if the Order has already a CompanyId stored (in table V_ORDER), it should select that company when I open the OrderDetail screen. Please find attached, I'm not able to set the SelectedItem with a value from GetOrderById.

Can someone tell me how I can pre-select the DropDown search if the Company is already known for an Order. 

Thanks in advance!



On the left of SelectedItem click on the plus sign. It will open a value and text option. You can put that id on the value. Something like this: 




Hi Marcelo,

Many thanks, that was an easy fix :) But I couldn't found it myself. 

Kind regards