[zTree] Use callbacks and onclick Ztree

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Published on 2019-10-03 by Eduardo Luís
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Published on 2019-10-03 by Eduardo Luís

Hello guys!

I am implementing a film tree and for each film there is its genre. So I'm interested in using the zTree component that exists in Forge.

The component allows me to have Drag and Drop, OnClick and Dynamically Save the changes I made to the tree.

I made the implementations as there is in the example. I can already choose by ID, which movie will be listed in my details.

What I don't have experience to implement using the component is:

1. When loading the tree, separate my films by genre in the tree structure. As I have the columns in the table.

2. When using Drag and Drop on the tree, click on the button to save that change I made to the nodes.

I am forwarding the OML, to get a better understanding and help of ideas for implementation.

Thank you!