location picker for traditional web application

Similar to time picker and date picker. Can we have location picker which helps in  auto filling of current location and later user can change the location we he wants?

Hi Ankita

Have a look at this component: https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-overview/906/location

You can create a combo box / dropdown from this data.


Hi Ankita,

Yes, you can. First you could search the Forge someone already created such a component.

If you cannot find it, it would be nice opportunity to develop and publish your first Forge component.

If while developing the location picker you need assistance on how to build it in OutSystems, the community will most-likely help you with that.



Hi Ankita ,

Please check the Map API by google , there are options like getting address based on the lat ,long and current position. AFAIK there is nothing like a time picker or date picker is available . But as i said you can use few of the available google API's to achieve this.



Hello ,

Thank you all for the reply.

Let me describe my requirement more specifically.

We have a input box called location where we provide city name. Later in an action we are using an api to auto complete the place name. 

Now we need to preset this location input field by one city value initially, which can be changed later by the user.