Barcode Scanner pull down does not stop scan

I have implemented the barcode scanner version 4.2.0 (OutSystems UI) on mobile.

I am testing on iOS with OutsystemsNow.

When I start a scan, then cancel the scan by tapping the 'Cancel' button, the scanner returns error 3: "cancelled." The scan can be started again without issues.

However, when I start a scan but then 'cancel' the scan by pulling downwards the scanning window, the scanner does not return anything (as it keeps running).

After that, I cannot start a new scan, because the scanner will then return error: 3. "A scan is already in progress." I need to restart the application to get the scanner to work again.

I have not tested this in a native iOS or Android application, however, it may be of concern that I encounter this problem in Outsystems now.

Is this a known issue and if so, is there a workaround?

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I have now also tested this in the iOS native build and the issue remains the same.

In Android, it is not a problem because you cannot close the camera window other than with the back or close button.