User module debugging

Below is the screenshot from inbuilt Users module(Reactive). However, i am unable to see "LoginPassword" action implementation. Is there any way i can open that?

Also, is there any way to debug this application, since, cloneOfUsers is opened, when i try to open User application

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Hi Rakhi,

The LoginPassword action is part of the System module and not the Users module. There is no way to debug the System module or even opening a clone of this module since it is locked by OutSystems.

With regard to the Users module, OutSystems allows us only to open a clone of this module but as you probably already noticed it opens with a lot of errors which prevents you from publishing and debugging it. 

There is a Forge component which you can add to your CloneOfUsers as a dependency in order to fix a lot of those "encrypt/decrypt errors", but due to a recent change to the Users module you will be still left with a few errors which need to be fixed before you will be able to publish and debug your CloneOfUsers module.

Here's another thread on this topic.

I hope this helps you a bit.



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Hi Rakhi,

The user application can only be published as cloned an the action and even you need fix few  errors before you publish it , the action that you highlighted is a system action that you cannot open and see the implementation and also you cannot debug it.

The systems action are not allowed to be open or customized .BTW any specific reason you want to see the implementation?

You can see available system action and their description here!