Error running timer to send emails

Error running timer to send emails

Scheduler Service: Error executing request http://localhost:80/*/_TimerHandler.asmx for Timer SendMailAccountableNotDone. Request duration = 0 secs. [Will retry later]
System.InvalidOperationException: O cliente encontrou o tipo de conteúdo de resposta 'text/html; charset=utf-8', mas era esperado 'text/xml'.
Falha do pedido com a mensagem de erro:

(Because of company secrecy I changed the application name to *)

For some reason I get this error (with different timers name of course) when any of my timers try to run. Those timers will perform a query and send some emails depending on the results. However, with no timer I can send emails without any problem.

Hope you can help me.

thank you in advance,
Miguel Ribeiro
Hi Miguel

You'll need to work that error and identify the cause of the response being a text/html response instead of a text/xml.

Basically, the OutSystems Scheduler service is attempting to start a timer by calling the timerhandler.asmx web service, using an URL like http://localhost:80/espacename/_TimerHandler.asmx.

The fact that the response is an HTML, you might be getting HTTP error codes like 404, 403 or even 503. In order to identify the error you're getting, start by checking the IIS logs (by default at C:\Windows\system32\logfiles), and for each website, you'll have a folder like W3SVC1 with the log files.

If you have multiple websites, make sure the is listening on port 80 on the Default Website.

Paste your findings here.


Miguel Simões João

Actually I don't have access to the server's windows desktop. However we had to delete and redeploy the eSpace and it is working now... Don't know why though...