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Hi, all!

We, your Technical Knowledge team at OutSystems, improved a series of documentation pages that weren't being very useful to you, our readers from the Community.

We regularly gather information from several sources on how each page is being used and what's its overall score, based on your precious "thumbs up/down" feedback. We also take note of the written feedback we get from the Community. After gathering this information, we do our own investigation to determine what we can change to make these pages more useful.

The following pages were the lucky winners of this first update:

  • Expressions in the Logic section. We noticed, thanks to your feedback, that concepts related to Expressions can be confusing. We added new sections to the document on how to edit and show a result of an Expression.

  • Expression, the widget. The Expression widget shows the result of an Expression. Sometimes that's not so obvious, so we added instructions on how to use the Expression widget, along with some copy/paste examples to play around. Almost like "Hello, world!" in the OutSystems world!

  • Operands is what expressions are composed of, and there are several types of operands. In this update, we edited the document for better readability and added a screenshot of the Expression Editor with operands.

  • Add custom authentication to an exposed REST API. We added a new section that goes into the implementation of a sample authentication method, based on HTTP header values. There's a full implementation of this sample authentication method in the OutSystems Forge.

  • Customize REST API responses. We added an example use case of response customization and linked to a blog post that goes through a complete example of setting custom HTTP status codes in an exposed REST... which uses customized REST API responses.

  • Add a self-signed certificate to the trusted root store. We reviewed the use cases and made this document more complete by explaining the concepts around it, updating the instructions -- no step was missed. With a whole new face, we also covered its OutSystems Cloud counterpart.

  • 'Could not establish trust relationship' in web services. Complementing on the subject of consuming web services, we have clarified the instructions on identifying the cause of this error and how you can solve the most common issues.

  • What's an OutSystems personal environment? Personal Environment users asked us about the underlying features of the OutSystems Free offer. We listened to all of them and made sure no question was left behind.

Sounds good? Please check the updated pages and leave a "thumbs up" if you like what you see.

If you have some more feedback about these updated pages, feel free to create a post in this thread, to leave feedback on the corresponding documentation page, or to send that feedback directly to us at knowledge@outsystems.com.

We would love to hear from you about these updates! And stay tuned for more updates...


Pedro Sousa, on behalf of your Technical Knowledge team


Hi Pedro,

This is really helpful for the community, this is really a great initiative.



Hi Pedro,

Thanks for the update. Just wondering why few of the (winning) pages (for update) from the above list has notice "We've been working on this article, give us your feedback by voting.", while others don't? 

Swatantra Kumar wrote:

Hi Pedro,

Thanks for the update. Just wondering why few of the (winning) pages (for update) from the above list has notice "We've been working on this article, give us your feedback by voting.", while others don't? 

You're absolutely right! We'll fix that today. Regardless of the notice, the pages were in fact updated.

Thank you for the heads-up, Swatantra.


Thanks Pedro.

Great job guys!

Thanks Pedro.



Hello again!

Here's the list of pages that we updated today:

  • We expanded the List Box Widget page, explaining how the widget works and how you can obtain the list of values that the user selected.

  • We added some details to the Header Row Widget page to answer questions like "When is the widget created?" and "What does it contain?". We also added some visual guidance to explain the widget hierarchy inside the Table Records Widget.

  • We extended the details on how to export entity data to Excel with an end-to-end example, and we included some best practices regarding the use of Server vs. Client Actions.

Keep sending us your feedback regarding these updates! You can send it directly to us at knowledge@outsystems.com, reply in this thread, or use the feedback mechanism available on every documentation page.


Pedro Sousa, on behalf of your Technical Knowledge team


Thanks for the update Pedro, these are really great news!

Kind regards,

Rui Barradas

Many Thanks for the Update, learning more every day! :)

Kind Regards,

Luiz Jucá

Thanks Pedro


Thanks Pedro.

Hello, folks. It's your documentation and training team again, with new updates. On behalf of the Technical Knowledge team, I'm sharing what we've been working on, thanks to feedback from you and our developers. If you think we've done a good job, please upvote the document. If not, please send us feedback on what we should change and why. You can send feedback to knowledge@outsystems.com, in this thread, or use the feedback field in the doc pages. 

  • How to add extra logic to Users' login. We changed the example in this document to make it more straightforward. We also added new screenshots.

  • Fetch and display data from the database in OutSystems. We rewrote this document to focus on client-side development, and in the process we expanded and improved the instructions, mostly for our newbies.

  • Aggregate. It's difficult to talk about getting data from databases in OutSystems without mentioning Aggregates. In this update we briefly make a distinction between Aggregates in client and server.

And of course you can send feedback related to other docs or training videos, anytime :)

Thanks again Romeo

Hello! Here are the new updates. Let us know what you think by voting. Or send us feedback, either directly to knowledge@outsystems.com, by replying in this thread, or using the feedback field in the doc pages.

  • Create and Use a Popup in a Reactive and Web. We updated this document by expanding on the example and made it easier to follow by adding some new screenshots. 

  • Enable End Users to Upload Files. We freshened this document up by adding a new and improved example and some shiny new screenshots.

  • Add a new front-end server to your environment. Horizontal scalability is a key feature for performance and availability. The previous version of this document received some feedback for improvement. We acted on it and this new version now features updated instructions and more use cases.

  • Handle the submitted feedback. We updated this document based on your inputs. We added more steps and screenshots on how to handle the feedback that users send about your apps.

  • Getting started. We updated the content and placed the links in separates sections, instead inline. We also reduced the number of concepts we introduce to newbies.

Hello everyone!

We have more documentation updates to share, and we are eager to know what you think:

  • How to use regular expressions in OutSystems now includes a couple of examples of how to use regular expressions in OutSystems together with the Regex actions from the Text extension. We also added external links so you can learn more about how to write, and also test your regular expressions.
  • Excel To Record List. We improved the page explaining how the tool works, and how you can implement logic for validating and creating records from the imported data.
  • Creating Screen TemplatesWe've improved the Creating Screen Templates page by updating the example and screenshots, making it more straightforward to follow the instructions.
  • Table Records Widget. We've added new instructions to the Table Records Widget page, showing you in detail how to use the widget in your app.
  • Pass Data Between Screens With Input Parameters now has links to our training, for users who need more information about the UI development and input parameters.

Let us know what you think by voting in the doc pages or by sending us written feedback (in the docs, in this thread, or by email knowledge@outsystems.com).


João Batista, on behalf of your Technical Knowledge team

Great !

Thanks Pedro!!!!


Awesome work!!!

Good work Romeo and João!

Hello everyone,

Here's a new batch of updated topics! As usual, let us know what you think:

Keep sending us your feedback — it really helps us improve!

Send it directly to us at knowledge@outsystems.com, reply in this thread, or use the feedback mechanism available on every documentation page. 


Pedro Sousa, on behalf of your Technical Knowledge team

Thanks for the update Pedro, and really a good work by the knowledge team. I've left a minor feedback on the OutSystems Service Studio for Mac (Technical Preview) page.

Thank you for the heads-up, Swatantra! We just fixed the formatting.

I saw, it has been formatted :) That was really fast, Pedro. Thanks.


Thanks Pedro and Romeo for the updates, this is really awesome work :)

Thanks Pedro ,Great work.

Thanks for sharing the information about this update!


It would be nice if people just like a new reply with updates, and not add all the "great...." replies. I now need to search the actual meaningful information through a long list of replies.

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