I am trying to edit records in a Table Records widget, and the only way I can figure out how to do it is to manually replace the expressions with the appropriate input widgets.  This is very tedious, especially for items related through a foreign key. 

Is there a way to create a list of items where each row looks like it would in an Edit Screen or pop-up Rich Widget (e.g. combo box for fields related by a foreign key) where each item in each ro can be edited? 

I would have thought IntelliWarp would take care of this for me.
Shouldn't you consider redirecting the edition of one row to another web screen?
Each row would have an edit link that would redirect to that web screen. That web screen would then have a normally edit record.

That is what I have to do now, using a 'Pop-up Edit' Rich Widget, or a separate Edit screen.  It works, but is not as convenient as being able to edit items directly in the Table Records widget.


Replacing the expressions for input widgets is the only way I know of, and it really isn't such a big trouble since you only do it once.
But you're right about intelliwarp, it would be really cool to have it do this, maybe right-clicking on the row and "convert to edit row". ;)

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