Can anyone help me understand how to create a reusable server action for sending email notification in outsystems. What I want to achieve is I need to call the email notification server action in other server actions where ever I need to send a notification.
 Is it possible to to create email notification server action without having a web screen?

Please help me with an example module, thanks in advance.



Hi Madhu,

After having your email interface created, you just need to drag the widget from your sidebar, and fill in the details, like on the image below:

After having this isolated in an action, you can used it (or reuse it) where you like (e.g. in a timer, in a screen action, in a BPT, etc.).

Hope it helps.

Best regards,

João Marques

Hi Madhu,

You can create a generic server action which will have input parameter Subject(The subject you want to keep for the email), Body(the content you want to send), ToEmail(to whom you want to send email), From(from which email you want to send email) and that you can use anywhere in your application to send an email, please refer below for the same

Hope it will help you 



Hi Madhu,

The "normal" way to send emails is to configure the SMPT server in Service Center, and to create an Email "screen" that will be used with the email widget or the email automatic activity when used in BPT.

You can use the SendEmail widget in a server action, but it will require an email screen that has at least the subject property filled. The email screen does not require content. A benefit of this default way of work you also have the option to log the content sent to Service Center log for audit purpose. 

The server action can have the IsPublic property set to True so that it is reusable by other modules.

If you want to send emails from OutSystems without using the build-in methods I suggest to try out one of the following Forge components: