Re : Explicitly writing HTML/CSS/JavaScript components

Re : Explicitly writing HTML/CSS/JavaScript components

Is anyone able to point me to a tutorial or guide that explains how to embed HTML/CSS/JavaScript components in my eSpaces?

My problem is as follows:

I wish to write a dropdown menu, with static links, and embed it into a web block for reuse across my site. I do not know where to begin with this in AP, and would instead like to write it manually.

Thanks in advance!

Not sure what tutorial you need exactly.

1. Create a webblock
2. check/edit the advanced properties for your own javascript/css
3. the html is place on the main window. if you want really down-to-earth html, use expression with the setting "escape content" set to "No"

and look into the richwidgets oml, really, it's the best tutorial you can have :)

Thanks for the reply. That's exactly the functionality I was after.

One more question: what's the process for referencing images from within the CSS editor? Do I need to import them from within AP first? What is their absolute path?

Thanks again.

You should import them by choosing "Import Image" from the Images folder right click menu, and the in then stylesheet use url(img/<ImageName>.<ImageExtension>). If this stylesheet is in a public web block that will be used in other eSpaces, you should use an absolute path insted of relative, like this: url(/<eSpaceName>/img/<ImageName>.<ImageExtension>)

Best Regards,
Gustavo Guerra

Pardon me, but what do you mean with AP, btw? :)

And enjoy developing in OS :)
Thanks for the advice on referencing images from stylesheets, Gustavo.

Joost: I meant 'Agile Platform', but I'll follow suit and refer to it as OS now - thank you!