[OutSystems UI] TabsGoTo not going to last tab
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Published on 06 Oct 2020

I'm using TabsGoTo (Action to call specific element on Tabs.) in mobile app. It works fine for all tabs exept the last one.

Platform Version 11.9.0 (Build 16900)

Service Studio 11.8.7

This is in a mobile app, i do not know if it happends in web.

Error caught in browser console:

Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property 'classList' of null  
at OutSystemsUI.Navigation.Tabs.mvc.js?Il_U03XslF8C+kaJOG3Xug:2093
at Controller.safeExecuteJSNode (Controller.js:309) at OutSystemsUI.Navigation.Tabs.mvc.js?Il_U03XslF8C+kaJOG3Xug:1142
at d (Flow.js:83)
at Object.f [as executeSequence] (Flow.js:55)
at OutSystemsUI.Navigation.Tabs.mvc.js?Il_U03XslF8C+kaJOG3Xug:1109
at d (Flow.js:83)
at f (Flow.js:55)
at Object.m [as executeAsyncFlow] (Flow.js:123)
at Controller._tabsOnClick$Action (OutSystemsUI.Navigation.Tabs.mvc.js?Il_U03XslF8C+kaJOG3Xug:1090)

Just click in action that uses TabsGoTo to go to last tab.

Sample app

In the sample click the last dot to replicate, all other dots work fine.

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Hi Jogait,

The navigation tab which you are using, is it a customized one??

Because I'm not able to find the same tab pattern which you have used in the OutSystems UI module

See this sample app - TabsDemo (I'm not getting any JS error in the console section)


Benjith Sam

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No, the navigation tabs are from Outsystems UI:

I'm not placing text in tabs header, do you think maybe that's the problem?

However all other tabs work fine, only the last one gives error.