No RFC authorization for function module RFCPING.


When I am trying to Integrate with SAP encountering the below error, can you please help me resolve the issue.

No RFC authorization for function module RFCPING.
at OutSystems.Plugin.SAP.SapExceptionHandler.handleException(Exception e, Boolean isInputParam, String currentParamName, String actionName, Boolean manualContext, RfcDestination destination, String functionOriginalName)
   at ssMNMVP2_SAP_IS.CcSAPONE.ActionZ_Get_Knvv(HeContext heContext, ICcSAPONECallbacks _callbacks, String inParamI_Kunnr, String inParamI_Uname, RLEt_KnvvList inParamEt_Knvv_In, RLEt_KnvvList& outParamEt_Knvv_Out, Int32& outParamEt_Noauth)



Hello Kushala!

It seems like the problem is with the authorization of the user in SAP.

The user you are trying to use to read this RFC have no authorization for this.

Have you tried to contact the admin of SAP platform?