When I check the Service Center's General Log I come across many warnings with the following message: "_____._____ took _____ ms", SLOWEXTENSION.

Has anybody come across this and what should I do to fix this?

Kind regards,
Hi Jovan,

The platform logs everything that goes slow, so that way you can be on top of performance.

The only way to fix that message is to improve the performance of your extension to be faster then what platform defines as Slow.

For example, if you have a sql instruction that takes you more then 200 ms then it will be log as slowsql. In that case you have to analyze the query itself, or the indexes, or the number of records you are obtaining, and so on.

In exceptions it can be a lot of reasons, depending what is the extension doing it. It can be when invoke a webservice, or it can be the anti-virus, or any indexing service, or the code you write in extension.

Hope it helps you debuggin on what is slowing down that extension.

Ricardo Araújo


I am using latest platform server on a fairly beefy dev server box (W2008 Standard 64bit, 6Gb mem, 2 x 2.8GHz Xeons, RAID 1 disk pair etc etc) doing not much else and am getting a SLOW EXTENTION on a built in extention :  

e.g. OMLProcessor.GetCompilerResult took 504 ms

It is taking far too long to compile.  Where can I look to find what could be slowing it?


We are facing the same OMLProcessor.GetCompilerResult issue.

Paul, what size is your espace?
We are primarily working on two that are SMALL - both are slow.  In Software units, one is 13k the other 10k (but growing by the day).