Passing argunt using a link

Hi, people.. imagine this scenario: page one was a text box and a link, this link navigates you to page two that must receive the entered value by you in the text box in page one. simple right??
The problem is, using a link, parameter goes always empty on page two, this doesn't happen using a button.

In attach is the explained scenario.

Can anyone help?
Hello, João

I can't really try it right now but you should try to change the method of the link in the first page from "navigate" to "submit".

In the Agile Platform we do an automatic bind between Variables and the html input of the form displayed in the browser, as it happens in other platforms like ASP.NET or JEE. This bind is only synchronized when a POST request is done. So, in your case, when the page is first rendered, the value of the Variable is translated into the value on the html input, this will make the form to appear with the value you specified in the Default Value. This also means that the parameter on the link will be hardcoded to the value the Variable had when the page was first rendered by the browser. If the user changes that value on the form, the link won't be automatically updated. In order for the variable to be updated with the value typed by the user, a request to the server must be done before evaluating the parameters of the target destination, and for that you need to use a link or button with the Method set to Submit or AJAX.

Hope that Helps,

Best Regards
Gustavo Guerra
Very well, understood. Thank you