File Plugin- Get Binary Data from Path

Hello guys, im currently using the media capture plugin to capture video in my mobile app and save it on the internal storage of the phone and then the plugin give me the name of the file, fullpath and more infos.

Then im using the FILE PLUGIN to get the binarydata giving the fullpath as input but both 2 actions in the plugin to get binarydata from path doesnt bring any data after run.

Someone already used file plugin to get data from a path? 

Thanks for your time guys!

Hi Marcelo,

I think after uploading it, you need to use the File plugin component to get it from the local storage.

At least this is how I did it when I had the same need.

Hope it helps.

Best regards,

João Marques

Hi Joao, im using file plugin to get the video binary data from the phone internal storage but the plugin doesnt return any binary! im using file plugin but its not working as expected, thats my question, but thanks anyway!

Hi Marcelo,

Might it be permissions or the URI not correct?

In my case, after uploading the file to the local storage, I get the URI from the storage and we use to get the binary:


João Marques

Hi Joao,

I already checked the permissions, and im giving all the possible ones, and the uri matches with the one gived in the video details on the smartphone! Im cheking the fullpath over and over again and it seems right.

Thanks for the answer.


Take a look in this post:

If the file is too big it may have some problem when sending to server (If you send)...

Did you debug it?

The problem is really in the Client action 'GetFileData'?

There are any errors in Service Center or in the Browser console while debugging? 

Take a look here on how to debug in device using chrome if you need

Hello Raphael,

After a lot of hours trying to understand what is happening, i discovered that media capture plugin is not compatible with file plugin.

Tested in multiple personal environments as well, and if both plugins are installed i cant generate a new version of the app, and that is the motive why the action GetFileData doesnt return nothing! 

Anyway, thanks for the time spend trying to help!