Database for a personal environment

I have a question related to a personal environment and having an external database.

Imagine we want to create an employees, users, donations and more as a database with an existing sql data in an external server. I know we can connect to an external database, so we can use this with no complications for as long as we need? once the content is stored outside the platform environment?

thank you

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Hi Yeeyson,

Yes you can use an external database for custom data, but you can't use it as the main database for OutSystems. You would have to integrate it with Integration Studio for example.

This means that if  you want to use Users, for example, in this external database you would have to create your own login logic and integrations. You will lost all facilities that OutSystems provide.

You also can't create new tables in Service Studio and would have to create all manually in SQL Server Management Studio (If using SQL)

This external database can't hold the MetaData of the generated code too...

Hi Yeeyson,

I believe it should be possible to use integration studio (for your personal environment) to connect to an external database. As the personal environments run in the outsystem cloud, the external database will need to be publicly accessible.

Does this help?


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Hi Yeeyson Duarte ,

Yes It is possible. You need to define a database connection on your Service center and than associate the same with the extension of your external DB.

To Create an extension you need to use the integration studio to over the established connection.

Later you can join your Logical database with your DB Connection and Viola your entities are created in the Independent module of your application (Which can be moved).

For more information on setting up an external DB connection go through the link below



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Hi, thank you all for your replies

So it can work as a normal database without limits or service lack?


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Hi Yeeyson,

Make sure the connectivity between the 2 servers is maintained and  too many services are not performed concurrently on the DB server other than the Db services to ensure server isn't overloaded. 

Many industries opt for a solution where there is an external database to enhance the capabilities of Outsystems development.


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Hello Yeeyson,

Just to clarify again.

You can use an external database in your personal to store custom data of you applications, and integrate it with Integration Studio.

But you CAN'T use this external database as you main database to store the metadata from your Developed Apps, and to use the default Users behavior.

I believe that what vaibhav has pointed, is about have this external integration for custom data.

If using personal env is not possible to change the main database as far as I know. So you will always have this limitation.


@vaibhav,  Do you know any way to change the main DB in personal env?


Raphael Ranieri