Rebuilt Forge Extension to Outsystems 10

Hi. Is there any guide I can follow to rebuilt the extension to Outsystems 10?

Gemi Ablaza wrote:

Hi Lavin,

You can refer to this documentation:


I don't see a guide in the link you shared, that details the steps that one needs to port an extension created in OutSystems 11 to OutSystems 10.


 I don't think there is such a guide. As the route forward is from version 10 to version 11, there will not be a lot of documentation available going the refers way. I do understand there are customers with versions older than 11.

First of all, did you try and load a v11 extension in v10 (i can't try as have no v10 to try out). But ok, when you'r asking for a guide, you most likely already tried and fail to do this.

I would think you need to do the following steps:

  1. installed the v11 extension in a v11 environment (like your personal environment
  2. open the extension in Microsoft Visual Studio (if you don't have it install the community edition 2019).
  3. in your v10 environment, create a new extension, define the same structures and actions
  4. start editing the C# code using Visual Studio, and copy/paste the C# code from your v11 version
  5. Fix any errors, build the application in Visual Studio
  6. Back in Integration studio publish the extension.