JWE implementation in Outsystems

Hi All,

Would like to know whether below can be achieved in OutSystems

Implement 1-way Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2, with request and response payload

encrypted with Json Web Encryption (JWE), as well as Rivest-Shamir-Adleman (RSA) digital

signature in Authorization header for ensuring authenticity and integrity.

If possible, please share a sample...


Daniël Kuhlmann wrote:

Hi Mahesh,

I am not a subject matter expert on JWT, but did you already look at the following:



 Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the links.

The links are on JWT(creation, encoding/decoding of token) not JWE.

Our requirement is to encrypt/decrypt the payload with JWE.


Hi Mahesh,

A signed JWT is known as a JWS (JSON Web Signature). In fact a JWT does not exist itself — either it has to be a JWS or a JWE (JSON Web Encryption). Its like an abstract class — the JWS and JWE are the concrete implementations. So a JWT can either be a JWS or JWE object.

The JWT component supports RS256, RS384 and RS512 algorithms.