By using(Click) Popup web-block Content should be open?

Dear all,

I've created an employee table then I need employee details. the details must be shown in popup and pop must trigger the web-block. in that web-block created all forms details of employee that can be updated.

I will set popup set to the name of the employee table when users click that popup web block should be open. please help me to solve this!

thanx to everyone.


Hi Ansari,

You can use a Modal (you can use it as a popup and it is improved) to achieve what you want.

You can use it follow these step-by-step instructions.

For your case, you will have to have a local variable EmployeeId that when you click on the button to trigger the modal, you will set the EmployeeId variable to the one it was clicked, refresh a query GetEmployeeById which gets the employees filtered by the local variable EmployeeId and use the query output inside of a modal to present the information and use the Open Modal.

I hope it helps.




Hi Ansari,

Follow the thread below. The user was looking to implement something similar:


Hi Ansari,

If it is for Traditional Web , please find attached the example . I have created it quickly for creating and updating the record in popup editor.

In the Employee screen you can create the new employee in popup using the Create New button and once it is created you can update it by clicking on the name.