[Data Grid] Save View causes inconsistency with Drop-Down selection
Forge component by OutSystems R&D
Published on 13 Oct 2020

I have a grid with grouped columns and frozen columns that also has a drop-down selection column.  If I collapse a grouped column and save the view, when I make a selection in the drop-down column, my selection will initially revert to the previous value.  This happens an intermittent number of times before my selection is actually retained.  If I reset the view, there is never an issue retaining my selection.

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Hey Coy,

We are going to investigate this scenario and let you know once we have any solution.

Thank you

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Hey Coy,

First of all I would ask you two tests, considering your GridColumnSelect(your dropdown column):

  1. Turn ON property SearchFunction and try to replicate
  2. Turn OFF property SearchFunction and try to replicate

The error happen in both situations?

To help you find column's property:

I have your sample with me, could you please share your screen's name?

If this happens only when the property is ON, this may be solved by our latest version. =D