[Data Grid] Save View incorrectly retains Advanced Format
Forge component by OutSystems R&D
Published on 13 Oct 2020

I have a grid with grouped columns and frozen columns that also has a parameter that determines if the grid should display hours or cost values which use JS in the Advanced Format of the columns I am displaying.  If I select cost and save the view, when I subsequently select hours and refresh my display with a button Submit, the format still displays the dollar sign.  If I reset the view, there is never an issue toggling between the display types.

    SelectedDisplayType.Selection = "Cost",
    "format:'c2', aggregate: 'Sum'",
    "format:'n2', aggregate: 'Sum'"
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Hey Coy,

We are going to investigate this scenario and let you know once we have any solution.

Thank you

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Hi Coy,

I made a sample for you after our call, but I think you didn't receive it... sorry about that.

The problem here is all about processing sequence, every time grid loads we load the configs too, this way your visualization won't blink, so the best way to achieve what you want is using Javascript directly, I also removed the necessity of clicking on "Reload"... hope this can improve your UX.