Hi all

I am having trouble with the Traditional Web List Box widget. I am trying to programmatically unselect options after the User has just selected options. However, even though in the debugger the 'IsSelected' variable is 'False' (in both my source (a local variable) and in my Widget List) at the end of the action (after an Ajax refresh etc.), after the action finishes it somehow changes back to 'true' and thus the option remains selected. How is this possible?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Nicholas,

Can you share some prints or an OML with us for better understanding of your problem?


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Ricardo M Pereira

Hi Nicholas

When you refresh the listbox, it'll fetch the values again from the source query. You have to make sure that you set the selected flag to false in the source query list, not the ListBox.List.

Update: Apparently you already did that. I missed "(in both my source (a local variable) and in my Widget List)" in your original question.