"OutSystems Service Studio" crashes

I've just downloaded and installed "OutSystems Service Studio" v11.7.4: the app crashes 10 seconds after being launched on my MacBook (Catalina)... any idea?

Hello Laurent.

Mac is having a new version.

You can read all about it here. Or apply to Early Access here.

Thanks for the info: looks like this is currently not supported on Catalina (it could be worth mentioning this on the download page though :-)

Hi Laurent,

Service Studio is currently supported for MacOS Catalina.

Nuno has pointed you to the correct thread, only you should check out the linked documentation in a post further down below.



Service Studio on Catalina is tricky. There is a full page on how to make it work.


That's why anyone with issues should join the EAP. So the next version really works for everyone.


Thanks for the additional info guys!