issue in pull to refresh


I am using pull to refresh functionality in my app.

scenario :

1. when i use pull to refresh for common layout its working properly. its working properly in page where i used below layout.


2. But when i used below layout its not working properly. 

        - means when i pull down the whole screen, spinner appeared and action will called successfully but when i scroll down my page then again scroll up the screen pull to refresh action called which wrong.

so please suggest if i am doing any wrong

Hi Swapnil,

Please find attached oml where i have tried to implement the same scenario.

The extra thing which i have added is the "PullToRefresh" webblock in the blank layout.


You will get this webblock from the Layout block, jst copy-paste from there or under OutsystemsUI/Private.

Hope this helps you.!




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Hi Lakshmi Kumar Yadav,

Sorry for late reply,

I checked OML file which you shared have an issue in that.

When I do pull to refresh, page refreshed correctly and then and scroll down page after that i am not able to do scroll up.