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Published on 2010-05-05 by Pedro Oliveira
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Published on 2010-05-05 by Pedro Oliveira
Just noticed the Content Management System is not listed in Downloads.
Hi Richard,

Currently you can find the Content Management System component listed in the 2nd page of Component Downloads  (you can find the pagination in the lower right corner of the list).

Tiago Simões

I can't get a single project to work int  I get reference errors up the koolaid.
Is there anyone that has a 5.1 compatible version?

I was able to solve some reference issues by not performing a 1 click publish from the solution pack tool 5.1.  I instead uploaded.  Then I downloaded all the extensions and republished.  However, the CalendarLanguage and CalendarTheme were unable to upgraded due to some error about not having the SDK on my machine.  Well, I have every SDK dated back to 2003 but re-installed  2.0 SDK for giggles.  No luck.  still won't compile.

I then downloaded the CMS_Backoffice in the service studio,  I refreshed all the reference and simply removed the Calendar ones.  :)  Not sure it was entirely happy about that.  I still received errors when trying to compile.

So please, if you have an upgraded for 5.1 I would really love to try it out.  I am currently evaluating the Agile platform and the CMS is a key component to my evaluation.