GetEntryURL - no domain returned?

When you use GetEntryURL to get the URL 
Example GetEntryURL("myEntryName", eSpaceName:"myEspaceName") 

 Currently returns /myEntryName/myEspaceName (without the domain), did it  use to return the domain aswell ( ?

Hello Robert,

As far I can remember it didn't/doesn't returns the domain.

What is it you want?

Kind Regards,
Hi Robert,

You can parse the hostname from GetBookmarkableURL() function.
Be aware that this will work if it is a web page requested from a user.
If you want to check the hostname in a Timer you might need to add it as a Site Property.

Tiago Simões
Hi Robert,

The GetEntryUrl dont return the server domain but you can do an action to get it.

  -Create two site properties, one for the protocol server and another for the server name; 
  -Finnaly create an public action/fuction to return the values of the Protocol + ServerName (;

The next time you need the domain to add to the URL, just add this action (URL_GetDomain + GetEntryUrl(...)).

Best Regards