Community Recognition: Top Solution Contributions

Hello OutSystems Community! 

We’re back with your Community Recognition post for the month of September! In September, the OutSystems Community came together and posted over 277 solutions. Incredible work everyone!

For this month's post, we would like to highlight our top 10 members who shared the most solutions in the month of September. These folks jumped in and helped of our community members with through their contributions. Without further adieu, let’s celebrate and recognize these top contributors! 

Top Solution Contributors in September 2020

  • 27 Solutions - Daniël Kuhlmann (Tech Lead at Product League)

    • OutSystems MVP

  • 23 Solutions - Benjith Skariah (Senior Consultant at Aaseya IT Services)

    • OutSystems MVP 

  • 20 Solutions - Rahul Sahu (Lead Project Engineer at Persistent)

  • 14 Solutions - João Marques (OutSystems Tech Lead, Product League)

  • 12 Solutions - Nordin Ahdi (OutSystems Consultant at Transfer Solutions)

    • OutSystems MVP

  • 11 Solutions - Kilian Hekhius (Functional Specialist at MAIN Engine)

    • OutSystems MVP

  • 9 Solutions - Ossama Ghanem (Lead Software Engineer, Certis Security Australia)

  • 9 Solutions - Rui Barradas (Senior IT Advisor at KPMG Portugal)

  • 7 Solutions - Jorge Martins (Chief Training Officer at IT Up)

    • OutSystems MVP

  • 7 Solutions - Vincent Koning (Software Engineer at Royal Boskalis Westminster NV)

# of Solutions per Country (Top 3)

  • India - 87

  • Netherlands - 81

  • Portugal - 42

 A huge kudos to all of contributors in the month of September!  

Is there a solution or community member you’d like to give a special shoutout to? Leave a comment below and let everyone know! 

(Note: based on data collected from September 1st to September 30th)

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Great community and great work everyone!



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