Popup file upload loading too long for file size more than 2/3MB

Hello All,

Service Studio version: 11.8.8

Traditional Web App

Currently am trying to use popup fileupload to upload the files in my screen. But, I always get the loading very long if the file exceeds 1MB or 2MB. The loading gets worse when the file is like 5MB or 8MB, eventually gets the error of An exception occurred in the client script. The connection to the server was reset. 

Also, the form took quite a long time to submit when I tried to submit the form with the list of attachments uploaded.

My current approach:

Use the popup fileupload to upload the file, then store it in temporary entity called UploadCache and pass the UploadCache.Id to the OnNotify action. In OnNotify action, I retrieve the content details of that file and append into a list called AttachmentList then removed the details in UploadCache. Then, I populate this list of attachments in a Modal to let user tick/untick in the checkbox to decide whether to send in email or not. Not to mention, the loading for Modal with the list of attachments is long also.


5-8MB are comparatively big files to upload I would suggest to use a component to compress the document first the  upload in you database.

Although if you upload big size file then it will take time to retrieve  as well so it is better to compress it first.

Hope this will help you