Cool Tip: press Ctrl-G to quickly go to any element

I've just learned a new cool tip today! In Service Studio 5.1 to quickly jump to any element in your eSpace you can press Ctrl-G and then start typing what you are looking for:

Then just double-click the element where you want to go to.
Looks like CTRL+G has been inproved in version 8.
Now you can access it also by clicking on the blue magnifying glass button in the upper right corner. It will search not only your eSpace but it will also provide you links to search in the community or search for the typed text.
But what I really like in it is that I can use it to quickly search something and then drag and drop it on my flows and screens.

You can drag these to your screens and flows :)

Also if you do the search on the server tab you'll be able to find applications and eSpaces:

You can search applications and eSpaces on your server