[DataGrid] Question about SendDirtyRowButton

Hi all, 

I got some trouble when I try to modify data and save it by using the SendDirtyRowsButton.
Here some screen shots :

On the Page:

PS: The error message means nothing. I just copy the error handling form the demo.

On the debug screen:

This is my JSON output structure:

PS: I have no idea what structure of data I have to output. I just trying to copy the ways that the demo used.

ErrorLog from Service Center:

Finally, I would like to ask whats wrong, is my output structure problem? Or others problem happen?

Thank you. 

Hi Parko,

Your output structure seems to be fine, the code is(somewhere) trying to cast a String into a Number, but looking to your screen shots I am not sure where it happens.

Could you please share your OML with me? Will be easier this way.