In-App Notifications Mobile, Is it supported on Outsystems 11

Hi All,

We would like to know if (In-App Notifications Mobile) is supported on Outsystems 11

On forge the component is available for Outsystems 10:

In-App Notifications Mobile

Stable Version 1.0.1 (OutSystems 10) 

Thank you ,

Waheed Habib

Hi Waheed,

I had a quick look and as far as I could see it should work on OutSystems 11 too.

This version is already based on OutSystemsUI, so no SilkUI is being used anymore.

Although I've gotten some incompatibility warnings and errors at first, I still installed all the latest versions of these components on my PE (Platform Server version 11.9.0 Build 16900) and after refreshing all of the dependencies between them, I had no errors left whatsoever.

Give it a try :)