Bootstrapping Excel data 1 to many concepts

Hi All 

In My scenario I want to bootstrap my excel sheet to Entity identifier field. In that time which data type i want to set the identifier attribute column In Excel sheet

For Example

My Entity ID- long Integer(Service studio)

Excel column data type I only have Integer data type(Excel)

Please Assist me on this..

Advance thankyou to all.

Hi Vijay,

You can refer the below forum discussions:

hope that will help you

Hi Vijay,

In the below mentioned scenario, I'm bootstrapping the child Entity (i.e. Certificate Entity) with the bootstrapped excel data which also includes the Referential attribute (FK) value i.e. SkillId --> 2

- You will have to manually do some code changes in the bootstrap logic action as well as in the auto-generated excel structure i.e.

While data bootstrap, If the column data type is mismatched like Integer and Long Integer data type, platform by default ignores creation of such attribute in the referred Excel structure. In my case the Skill Id attribute/column, So I manually defined the SkillId attribute in the respective Excel Structure of Skill Identifier data type 

And before creating the Certificated data in the respective Entity, I used a pre-defined data type conversion function i.e. IntegerToIdentifier() as shown in the above screen clip and it worked as expected :)

Hope this helps you!


Benjith Sam